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Easy Exports undertakes the export of foods, beverages, nutritional supplements & cosmetics to the EU or to other countries, preparing the respective company, finding the appropriate clientele immediately, efficiently and safely.

1) We target a market. Initially it would be good to be within the European Union for many reasons: tax, commercial, transport and management. And we mainly emphasize the product part and European Regulations. When a product is put on legal circulation in the Greek territory, its circulation is legal in any other market of the European Union. But even if it is not, we undertake the whole process so that its circulation is legal.

Within the European Union, we select -with a short mapping- the country in which the specific product will find a suitable market. On the one hand we examine the consumer behavior and on the other the behavior of the specific market. That is, how it works, and by what rules it is regulated. It should always be noted that any company aims to make a profit, therefore, we choose a country with strong purchasing power and a consumer public that is trained in the consumption of this product.

2) We get in touch with buyers with whom we are already collaborating, we communicate each company and its products to them.

3) We communicate the respective company and its products to the commercial followers of all our Embassies abroad, a very important step. Each commercial follower thus has knowledge of the respective company and its intention to export, he/she connects it with potential buyers, uploads the respective company on his/her Embassy site, manages incoming buyer requests and submits them to the respective company, provided that its products comply with the requirements of the buyer.

4) After targeting the market, we check the legislation of the specific country, in order to analyze the legal framework of its imports, but also whether the product in question is legal to be released within that territory.

5) If the above factors are met, then we proceed to product models, brochures, Marketing tools and detailed descriptions that are compatible with the specific country. We also create the corresponding Price & Packing List with the corresponding necessary Incoterms.

6) Next, we secure the company's brand in that country through the trademark process, for any future copies that may occur.

7) We add and create barcodes that are compatible to the customs of each country and always with the approval of GS1, the only global company which produces approved barcodes internationally.

8) We detect exhibitions and awards depending on the action of each company, we attend and set up each company in trade fairs both in Greece and abroad, while we undertake all B2B Meetings.

9) We undertake the upload of each company on export platforms, we manage the buyers' incoming requests of buyers.

10) We assure an agreement for the safe transport of the products, both at the level of the transport company and at the level of product insurance.

11) We ensure the company both in terms of payment and product. On the one hand we ensure the right and secure payment by the buyer, while on the other hand we receive certifications for the company such as FDA, DUNS, ISO, FSSC, IFS, BRC.

12) By placing the product on the shelf of the international buyer, the product is not left to chance and we never rely on the intentions of the buyer. We use any Marketing tool, so that the consumer demand increases day by day, with the result that our buyer is satisfied with us, but also that the requested quantities increase, so that we can establish ourselves in a stronger and more stable way in this market.

If your company wants to export immediately, efficiently and safely, contact us and a consultant of ours will give you immediate solutions for your case!

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