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According to financial data, Greece shows a deficit in its trade balance, while it ranks in the last position throughout the European Union, in terms of its export activities, as the percentage from food exports that contributes to the formation of its Gross Domestic Product is the lowest compared to its European partners. Specifically, Greece annually imports foods that amounts to 44 billion euros, while its exports reach only 16 billion annually.

From this point, it is easy to conclude that Greece is not a predominantly exporting country, which is due to two important factors: the behavior and mode of operation of production companies and the Greek mentality and culture of the respective Government policy. As for the State / Government factor, it never gave the Greek businessmen tools and opportunities to be able to export their products. Almost in every movement Government stands as a mound, with the result that any step of export activity is lost in the chaos of the bureaucracy and the classical political stage.

Let us focus, however, on the Food Company factor, as the company also bears the largest share of responsibility for not exporting its products. The problem is located in the Business Administrations. Every self-respecting Management looks to only one factor: profit. Of course, business means a profitable investment and part of it will be reinvested within the company, for its development. An export, even if designed, is a time-consuming and costly process, therefore, it cannot have a direct financial impact on corporate operations. In this way, the entrepreneur or the Management of a company does not even discuss the issue: "exports".

In fact, under the current situation, every Greek company of foods, cosmetics and food supplements tries to stand in any way under the pressure of reducing turnover, profit and staff. And the best way is one: exports!

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